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This article was written by Lawrence Karol for Houzz, and features a room I designed for a Showhouse

There are many reasons to include a landscape painting as a focal point or an accessory in any room.  Some designers highlighted here, featured work by artists they know personally.  One – in a find worthy of a segment on Antiques Roadshow – came across a valuable piece tucked away in a back room.  Personally, I find that landscape art adds a sense of calm to a space.  So prepare yourself for a soothing journey

Multiply and divide.  This vignette was done by Robin Muto for a designer show house.  “It was a study for a male artist, so I wanted the room to be masculine and filled with interesting objects that he might have collected on his travels or just walks in nature,” she says.

“My husband, Rick Muto, who is a decorative painter and fine artist, was the inspiration for the room.  He did the dark-green oil glaze on the wall, to feel like you were in the woods, and all the paintings are from his regional plein air series of locations that are within a two-hour drive from our house in upstate New York.”

Here are some other images of the room that are not featured in the article:

This image shows a large painting that I commissioned Rick Muto to do for this wall over the daybed.  This is a scene from our hike in Kaaterskill Falls which was a favorite destination of the Hudson River School of painters

To read the full article click on this link: Expert Talk: Have a Field Day With Landscape Art


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