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by Robin Muto on September 28, 2011

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In the spirit of great 20th century design masters, Studio Printworks collaborates with fine contemporary artists to create wallpaper; “not as a quiet backdrop, but as a stimulant for the eye and soul”.  In this tradition, Studio Printworks began its Great Contemporary Arts Collection with the goal to re-connect the Decorative Arts and the Fine Arts.  Throughout history, ‘fine’ artists also produced decorative work; from the internationally famous Buffalo artist Charles Burchfield to the likes of Picasso, Dufy and Michelangelo.

The Great Contemporary Arts Collection  began in 2008 when renowned artist Kiki Smith created a hand screened wallpaper for her show, Kiki Smith: Her Home at the Museum Haus Esters in Krefeld, Germany. The wallpaper that she created was not just a design but she actually traced the design onto the acetate for the production of the screens, thus, this paper is produced by the actual hand of the artist.

Of special interest are two papers by Mark Fox entitled “Phantom” and “Relic”.  Marks artwork is currently on exhibit at the Culver Road Armory till October 2nd, it this is a truly must see show!  Coming full circle to the topic of this article is that much of the current work in the show- Mark Fox: CUT..ting Edge begins with paper…paper that he has written on or wiped his brush on (cleaning his brush off from other projects), and then meticulously cuts out these words and images and re-assembles them into amazing paper works that hang on the wall.  Of course, these are not merely decorative, they explore concepts of perception of front side and back side, light and shadow and so much more.

Studio Printworks: The Great Contemporary Artists Collection

Mark Fox design: "Phantom" Wallpaper - Colorway: Mirror

Kiki Smith - postcard from Brooklyn Museum, showing "Maiden & Moonflower" wallpaper design

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