Architecture for Art

by Robin Muto on December 2, 2011

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I recently discovered the work of architect Jim Olson through his current retrospective show at Washington State University.  A passion for Art and Nature profoundly influences his architecture.  Jim’s philosophy about his work resonates with my personal sensibility about Interior Design, as Jim eloquently states,  ‘Architecture is one big continuous environment that includes the Climate, the Landscape, the Building, the Interior Furnishings and Art…it’s all one thing.”

“Architecture should serve Art because Art is about imagining things without limitations and we learn a lot from Art because of this”.

Jim takes many approaches to how Art will integrate into his Architecture, similar to nature, “it’s as endless as what your imagination will allow. There’s Architecture that creates an appropriate background for Art, as if the Architecture becomes an extension of the picture frame.  There is Art that becomes part of the environment itself like a Mural that wraps around walls and creates a feeling that you are sitting inside of the painting.  Jim also is interested in the concept of Light as a medium that can be controlled and sculpted, which is inspired by the work of artist James Turrell .

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